Wood Roofing System

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Wood roofing systems offer two choices: Cedar Shakes or Cedar Shingles.  In this instance, the difference between the two is almost completely cosmetic. It all depends upon the look you want.

Cedar Shakes are more irregularly shaped and are not consistent as to thicknesses and widths, creating a more ‘natural’ look. Cedar Shingles are uniformly shaped and of uniform thickness, resulting in a more ‘structured’ look.
How does a cedar roof stack up?

  •  You will have your choice of 3-different classes of fire treatment for yourcedar roof, all in keeping with the building codes in the Virginia Beacharea and meeting the same affordability and efficiency ratings as other roofing systems.
  •  Red Cedar’s natural ability to flex makes it able to stand up to some of the harshest weather conditions in the world. Wind resistant tests have shown cedar shakes and shingles to be able to withstand winds up to 130 mph.
  •  Cedar’s naturally high “R” rating (resilience to heat conductivity) will keep your home cooler in the summer while providing exceptional insulation during the winter. You should see a significant change in your energy bills when compared to some other roofing systems.
  •  You will also have a choice of pressure treated cedar shakes or shingles,designed to greatly extend the longevity of your cedar roofing system.

Varying with the manufacturer, but protecting your cedar roof from fungal decay, the treatment manufacturers will normally offer a warranty over and above what the material manufacturer offers.

Check with the cedar roofing system experts at Virginia Beach Roofing Consultants to learn everything you need to know about Cedar Shake or Cedar Shingle roofing systems.