Tile Roofing

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roofing virginia beachTile roofing is decorative and considered to be amazingly sturdy and safe. When installed properly it is virtually maintenance-free and offers warranties up to the life of the structure, depending upon the manufacturer and the type of tile roof  you have installed.

Your choices will be clay and concrete in a wide array of colors and shapes. Once considered a roofing option for the “rich and famous”, tile roofs are quickly becoming a choice when a damaged roof needs replacement. Concrete and clay tile roofs can withstand almost anything Mother Nature can throw at it and many insurance companies offer substantial discounts for a tile roof installation.

Clay or Concrete Tile Roofs:

  •  Have a Class-A Fire Rating
  •  Can Withstand Winds up to 125 MPH
  •  Can Stand up to Earthquakes and Hail Storms
  •  Are Suitable for Cold or Hot Climates
  •  Can Substantially Increase the Value of Your Home

As always, it is important to choose a contractor with the expertise to expertly install your clay or concrete tile roof. We invite you to check with our previous customers; we ensure you we will do the utmost to make you just as happy and satisfied with your new roof.

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TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin)