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Asphalt shingles are the most common and the most inexpensive roofing material. They are available in many styles and colors, as well as in a wide array of quality, thickness, and combination of materials with varying manufacturer’s warranties.

You will have your choice of 3-tab shingles warrantied for up to 25 years, and then the upgraded asphalt shingles with 30 year and 40 year warranties. The  most common colors will be available in all of the varieties offered; however, the upgraded shingles will offer designer colors you will most likely not see on your neighbor’s house.

Bear in mind when making a decision as to what type of roofing material to install, you will be faced with many choices; the process can seem quite overwhelming. We urge you to seek the help of a caring professional who can answer all of your questions, provide a free assessment and who will follow through to provide the quality materials, expert installation and superior customer service you expect and deserve. Call Virginia Beach Roofing Consultants to compare our services, prices and guarantees to other contractors. Our aim is for
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