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The weather in the Virginia Beach area can wreak havoc on your roofing system. Storms, high winds and hail can result in damage to your roof, especially if your roof already has loose, worn-out, sun-damaged or cracked roofing materials. Additionally, improper roof installation and faulty metal flashing contribute heavily to the incidences of water damage due to leakage; even more-so than the roofing materials themselves.

virginia beach roof repair

Damage can occur over long periods of time or can be sudden and unexpected. Defective flashing, such as that necessary around chimneys, aprons, steps or any place where roof angles come together, can be a point of access for damaging moisture, as can old or previously damaged, but unnoticed, faulty roofing materials and shingles. Simply Call us now at (757)903-0394 to schedule a free consultation.

Over time, that moisture can cause mold and can weaken the building frame, that moisture sometimes running from the roof right down to the foundation, within the walls, unseen, with no one being the wiser…until extensive damage is done, resulting in massive and costly repairs.

At Virginia Beach Roofing Consultants we have several trained roofing professionals will check gutters, flashing, skylights and all other aspects of your current roofing system, taking into consideration, the pitch of your roof, normal wind direction and the age of the structure and roof, all of which come into play, especially after a season of bad weather, but even during normally occurring weather cycles.

The time to ensure your roof is waterproof is now…not when the next big storm hits. Call Virginia Beach Roofing Consultants now for your free roof repair evaluation.