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Flat Roofs:

Low Slope: Many commercial buildings and some residential buildings have what is called a low-slope roof, though they are also referred to as flat roofs. They may appear to be completely flat, and if installed improperly, that may be the case, but the truth is that all roofs should have a slight slope in order to allow for drainage and no roof should be completely flat.

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The first indication of a problem with a low-slope roof will be areas of standing water. Poor planning for drainage and sagging roof decking are the usual culprits and easier than you might think to repair. Of course, aging roofing materials or poor installation to begin with can also result in problems with water leakage and eventual loss of structural integrity.

However, before opting to completely replace your flat roof, call us to evaluate your individual needs. A repair can be much less costly and a full replacement may be unnecessary. We at Virginia Beach Roofing Consultants will provide a free roof inspection and damage evaluation; our quotes are provided in writing and are valid for sixty (60) days, unless otherwise noted.

Many commercial repairs to flat roofs can be completed in one day.

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